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Темы WordPress

Шаблон WordPress это тема оформления для самой популярной системы управления сайтом.

У всех шаблонов исходные файлы редактируются, т.е можно персонализировать дизайн шаблона.

Стандартно шаблон включает в себя следующий перечень исходных файлов: .PSD, .PHP, .CSS, .FLA ( присутствуют только в шаблонах с анимацией), .JS

Adv Image https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/u1519369/fedbc702dec15c8d7dd194a51c1dc196.png
Author user id 1519369
Compatible with WooCommerce, WPML, MailChimp, Ecwid
Exclude Exclusive Yes
Features Admin Panel, Responsive, Retina Ready, Search Engine Friendly, Dropdown Menu, Sample content, Advanced Theme Options, MegaMenu, Performance Optimization, Blog, Online Store/Shop
Files Description documentation
Image key features https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/u1519369/290341afa666bae2a97fb5d75e2d97db.png, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/u1519369/3dc8dd1ca8fa71f749a8dbfb9ba67f97.png, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/u1519369/8241e7553530183b8a7f7c3ed88d83e2.png, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/u1519369/db23604b710cce1ae97d570ed6e1eadf.png, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/u1519369/3a6e19858e63a537601dfa2b2aef4393.png, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/u1519369/4019468c0df87ecd06e9627c7c0a20f5.png, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/u1519369/5b708980cd318dfc0bcb0de5412881ed.png, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/u1519369/b25d8c491465b7145d3fdedfcca799d0.png, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/u1519369/a47ff5b056596eaceeb42563c14937b7.png, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/u1519369/997335e9bdd391f5f0d2a455de9a9993.png, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/u1519369/49808864a4aa6b220b2490d48b51969c.png, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/u1519369/5bd8c3e0010715c76373d840b5913c56.png, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/u1519369/d0b6da7768bd2a2df13e61a69cbe761a.png, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/u1519369/5a1656d8fbb631483aeab0f53402bc61.png, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/u1519369/7d54340e0365bed08a988cada209a5a4.png, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/u1519369/6132a25e3536702ebaf32dca09d87c84.png
Images included Yes
Is Free none
Language support English
Marketplace membership One
Name of the template 24.Storycle - Multipurpose News Portal WordPress Elementor Theme
Product Family None
Review average score 4.5
Tags business, corporate, information, international, journalist, magazine, media, news, newspaper, online, page, personal, political, portal, post, sports, blog, seo, newsportal, breakingnews
Template hosting requirements The mod_rewrite Apache module, PHP 5.4 or higher, MySQL 5.5 or higher, 50 MB of disk space, Memory limit per process: 64mb (128mb or more recommended)
Template icon icon-wordpress
Topic Fashion Blog Templates, News Portal Templates, Political News Templates, Fashion Templates, Internet Templates, Media Templates, Politics Templates, Sport Templates, Personal Page Templates, Video Gallery Templates, Sports News Templates, Business & Services, Computers & Internet, Fashion & Beauty, Society & People, Sports, Outdoors & Travel
Types WordPress Themes
Woo Commerce Compatibility 5.2.x
Woo Commerce Engine 3.1.x
Word Press Builder Elementor Website Builder
Wordpress compatibility 5.7.x
Wp&woo 1

Grab Thousands of Excellent Possibilities with 24.Storycle WordPress Website Template for Blogging

For those who have been always dreaming about the all-in-one multipurpose news and blog theme, there is a special offer. Meet the 24.Storycle that can satisfy all your needs and even more. Do you want to be aware of each impressive feature of this WordPress website template for blogging? Then you are in the right place.

24.Storycle multipurpose WordPress theme comes with plenty of additional options, which will surely fulfill your desires. What is an all-in-one theme? It’s pretty simple. That is a theme that consists of several separate templates with thousands of extraordinary characteristics. It’s highly unlikely that you may obtain such features in common themes.

Explore the Bunch of Demos for Your News and Blog Website

The 24.Storycle WordPress website template for blogging includes 16 various demo content types for any of your demands. Let’s take a look at them to check if each of these demos are worth your attention. You will find demos for your food, fashion or even sports blog. They are full of engaging high-quality images with multiple layouts.

Moreover, you don’t need to have any additional coding skills thanks to modern technologies that can make all the work for you in a short time. Check the list of exceptional features:

  • Elementor plugin - enjoy the power of drag-n-drop functionality, it allows you to save your time reducing the use of code to a minimum.
  • Header and footer builder - create your own content and layouts and assign header and footer templates to any existing page.
  • Mega menu builder - special plugin permits you to create a mega menu with widgets via Elementor.
  • Post slider - make up the layout of publications you want, change the design and show the custom posts using the specific query options.
  • Text ticker widget - display the latest news in a short form of the news ticker.

Expand The Ordinary Blocks with Multifunctional Sections

No more boring and tedious menus on your website. A significant mega menu is at your service now. Move any content widgets by drag and drop functionality to create an enormous menu. Instead of the boring items add the product image and price into the menu to showcase the top goods to the customers. The Elementor plugin will come in handy when you want to add video or image widgets. Feel free in your desires with this WordPress website template for blogging!

Have you ever wanted to make up a huge blog? It’s your time to indulge yourself. Get 10 single post layouts at hand. Build the layout to your taste with the smart listing via the Elementor, style it up and apply for displaying any custom post type. Vary the post with videos and display them to all visitors in a stylish form. Make your blog look perfect and exceptional.

Enjoy the Large Package of Multiple Options

The 24.Storycle WordPress website template for blogging contains the full set of all essential top-notch plugins and options. Let’s learn more about each of them:

  • parallax effect - enrich the web pages with parallax background full of animations and carousels;
  • astonishing widgets - stylish content widgets will complement wonderful blog pages and magazine layouts;
  • pricing tables - eye-catching tabs with price will boost the trust of the followers and showcase the current offers;
  • testimonials module - blocks with reviews allow meeting the visitor’s eye thanks to the vivid design;
  • visual effects - no coding skills required, now to add the desirable animation a few clicks will be enough;

Take a Detailed Look at the Post Possibilities

No limits for creating content with dragging and dropping boxes. Agreed, that post customization is one of the key points for bloggers and journalists. You need to be sure that your feed looks engaging and bright enough to draw attention. That is why the developers created a long list of possibilities and options for fast customization.

The WordPress website template for blogging provides you with multiple listing variations. A smart and flexible list widget is a thing in posts editing. Now it takes a short time to change the structure of the columns and modify the style according to your demands.

Speaking about the skins, it’s pretty simple to experiment with them and don’t worry about the process losing. The data will be saved even when you change the pre-designed skin. Also, the pleasant feature is a sticky sidebar that makes the content available when you scroll the page in any place.

Check the Extra Features and Innovations of the 24.Storycle Blog Theme

Undoubtedly, the WordPress website template for blogging should contain the characteristics which will ease the life of the website user. With this in mind, you can complete your blog and posts with, for instance, online store. The theme comes with a WooCommerce plugin that includes the necessary pages for sales.

Additionally, there is a list of top-notch points that the modern multipurpose theme can’t exist without:

  • Fully responsive website is perfect for any type of screen;
  • WPML plugin makes the theme multilingual and ready to be translated into any language you need;
  • SEO-friendly technology will optimize the 24.Storycle to make it high-ranking;
  • Retina ready website is full of high-quality images that make the appearance of the theme marvelous;
  • Extra speed allows the visitors to download the pages of 24.Storycle quick as a wink;
  • Accelerated mobile pages help the theme to load rapidly and be on the top in any search results list;
  • At your service, there are 3 excellent site layouts to make content visible: full width, boxed and trendy framed;
  • Google fonts pack is integrated into the theme, so use any font you want, change the style, weight, and size;
  • As a bonus grab the inspiring 50 HQ images for free.

Share Your Questions and Offers with a Friendly Support Team

In case you have issues during the installation or customizing the 24.Storycle WordPress website template for blogging fast support team is ready. Don’t hesitate and describe the question in messages! The competent technical support team will always solve the problem, give advice, and makes the process of using the 24.Storycle easier.

Choose 24.Storycle to develop your magazine or blogging websites with multiple possibilities and demos for any topic you wish.

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Установка шаблона

Установка шаблона - это услуга, которая предполагает установку CMS на хостинге и привязку шаблона к CMS.

CMS - система управления сайтом, она позволяет очень просто создавать новые страницы, редактировать или наполнять новыми данными свой сайт.

Чтобы ваш сайт выглядел как выбранный шаблон, нужно выбрать шаблон, купить домен и хостинг, заказать установку шаблона. После установки вы получите работающий сайт, вам останется через CMS заменить фотографии и тексты на свои.

Внимание! Бесплатная установка шаблона осуществляется только на хостинг Timeweb. Установка не предполагает работу с контентом сайта: добавление или замена текстов, изображений, иконок и т.д.