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Темы PrestaShop

Шаблон Prestashop — это тема для e-commerce платформы Prestashop. Он предоставляет разнообразные и гибкие возможности для редактирования и перекомпоновки внешнего вида магазина

PrestaShop — это e-commerce платформа с открытым кодом,основанная на движке Smarty, поддерживает многие платежные системы: Google checkout, PayPal и др. PrestaShop предоставляется на условиях Open Software License (Лицензия на открытое ПО), и идеально подходит для малого и среднего бизнеса.

У всех шаблонов исходные файлы редактируются, т.е можно персонализировать дизайн шаблона.

Стандартно шаблон включает в себя следующий перечень исходных файлов: .PSD, .CSS, .PHP, .TPL, .FLA (при наличии флеш-анимации

Adv Image https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/1519369-1604924342457_Frostal%20promo.jpg
Author user id 1519369
Currencies USD, EUR
Features Admin Panel, Bootstrap, Responsive, Retina Ready
Image key features https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/1519369-1604924317531_Slice%201.jpg(http://documentation.zemez.io/prestashop/1.7/index.php?project=default), https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/1519369-1604924317533_Slice%202.jpg, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/1519369-1604924317535_Slice%203.jpg, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/1519369-1604924317536_Slice%204.jpg, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/1519369-1604924317537_Slice%205.jpg, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/1519369-1604924317538_Slice%206.jpg, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/1519369-1604924317540_Slice%207.jpg, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/1519369-1604924317541_Slice%208.jpg, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/1519369-1604924317542_Slice%209.jpg
Images included Yes
Installation Installation and set up instructions are attached (look for Documentation folder).
Is Free none
Language support English
Marketplace membership One
Name of the template Frostal - Winter Extreme Sports eCommerce PrestaShop Theme
Prestashop compatibility 1.7.x
Prestashop engine 1.7
Product Family None
Tags accessories, athletic, skateboarding, fashion store, sports theme, sports equipment, extreme sports, responsive design, rock climbing, mountain biking, ice climbing, health and wellness, snowboard helmet, team sport, hang gliding
Template icon icon-prestashop
Topic Climbing Templates, Skiing Templates, Hiking Templates, Sport Templates, Snowboarding Templates, Extreme Sports Templates, Sports, Outdoors & Travel
Types PrestaShop Themes
Video Presenatation PS (for XML feed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygBwnWCPamM
Web Forms Contact Form, Login Form, Newsletter Subscription, User Registration

Winter Extreme Sports eCommerce Adaptive Theme

A universal winter extreme sports ecommerce adaptive template that does not require special skills. Even a beginner can install it. The template is fully ready for work - it is convenient, simple, and understandable for absolutely everyone.

Do you still doubt whether you need a new site? Or do you prefer to use the old site? Be sure to try loading the template, you will appreciate the comfort and benefits of working with it.

A beautiful modern site is a prerequisite for attracting new customers. If you want to change something for a long time, but do not know where to start - start working on your updated site and increase sales now.

The ideal template theme is suitable for selling clothes, sports equipment, accessories, shoes and much more. If you provide services in organizing sporting events, this topic will also suit you.

Enjoy a simple and spectacular design - now you can work even more efficiently.

Winter Extreme Sports eCommerce - Ideal Features for Business

A winter extreme sports ecommerce is an excellent adapted theme for sporting goods, clothing or services. In this template, we have collected only those features that will help you set up effective sales and take your business to a new level.

The template was created by experienced designers. First of all, it is created for sports topics, but it is great for promoting services or as a fashion store. With this store, you can also sell sports food, equipment and more.

The theme has a very simple structure. The number of pages is not limited, you can create them as much as you like, according to the number of your products or services:

- pop-up;

- home;

- category;

- product.

All pages have a convenient, well-read font, bright and colorful banners, buttons calling to action: subscribe, order, buy.

On each page, you can add or remove unnecessary items to suit your needs.

The main page is adapted as much as possible for the store: here you can place banners, special offers and new products. There is a countdown timer that will encourage buyers, possibly placing brands, integrating with social networks, contacts and other necessary information.

There is a separate category page where you can sort items by price, novelties, brands, color and size. Make the purchase process as comfortable as possible for your customers! Put the purchase button in 1 click and call back, you also have a lot of plugins and additional features available to improve the store.

You can view each item in detail on the item page. There you can give its characteristics and description, post reviews.

Your customers will have access to the shopping cart, and you will be able to track the conversion: the number of orders, paid purchases or abandoned shopping carts.

The site supports multiple languages at the same time - work with customers from all over the world!

Winter Extreme Sports ecommerce - technical support

An adaptive template is provided for correct display on all modern devices. Well-configured marketing, advertising will ensure high-quality and easy promotion of your site.

Create a site in one move - download, fill with goods and sell more. Despite the fact that the installation of the site is very simple, we will be glad to help you in case of questions. Get comprehensive support and grow your business.

Инструкция: Как получить сайт на основе шаблона
Руководство по использованию: Как установить и отредактировать Тему PrestaShop

Установка шаблона

Установка шаблона - это услуга, которая предполагает установку CMS на хостинге и привязку шаблона к CMS.

CMS - система управления сайтом, она позволяет очень просто создавать новые страницы, редактировать или наполнять новыми данными свой сайт.

Чтобы ваш сайт выглядел как выбранный шаблон, нужно выбрать шаблон, купить домен и хостинг, заказать установку шаблона. После установки вы получите работающий сайт, вам останется через CMS заменить фотографии и тексты на свои.

Внимание! Бесплатная установка шаблона осуществляется только на хостинг Timeweb. Установка не предполагает работу с контентом сайта: добавление или замена текстов, изображений, иконок и т.д.