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Name of the template Zemez Responsive Navbar JavaScript
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Multifunctional & Responsive Navbar Script

Responsive navbar script provides impressive functionality to any modern website. And it is always great when your website is multifunctional. There are many ways to boost it and improve design or functionality. Scripts are among those tools that can help with it. It is worth to mention that scripts are easy to use. Anyone can install them. However, it takes some time to create each script. Moreover, you also have to make sure that it works without issues.

Most likely, you have no time for writing scripts. That's why we create scripts that can add more features to your website. Zemez Navbar is one of our best scripts for various types of menus. And there are reasons for us to think so. This solution has already been tested in our biggest products. and now, we are glad to give you an opportunity to integrate it into your website.

Easy-To-Integrate Navbar Script with Multiple Features

Zemez responsive navbar script works without issues. It even has a mobile app style look. It is also cross-browser as it supports Edge 15+, Firefox 54+, Chrome 51+, Safari 10+. Besides, this script includes SASS and PUG files. You can easily customize its code according to your needs. If you already have a pre-developed project, then it will be easy to implement Zemes Navbar into it. And obviously, it will be easy to implement it into a new project. Especially, if you take a look at the numerous other features it offers:

  1. Fully responsive
  2. Dropdowns & megamenus
  3. Flexbox-based
  4. Compatible with Bootstrap 4
  5. Mobile app style look
  6. Easy to customizable code
  7. Single code for all devices
  8. Flexible tuning responsiveness etc.

This responsive navbar script provides you with various dropdowns and megamenus. They will help you in the development of a responsive website. Also, they will provide you and your customers with intuitive navigation. Those are multi-level dropdowns and megamenus. You can choose among Fixed or Fullwidth Layouts (there are 8 layouts in total). There is also Dark & Light Color Schemes if you want to play with design.

Full Customization and 24/7 Support

Among other features, you will find sticky navbar & anchor navigation. Zemez responsive navbar script is highly customizable. You can edit it as you wish to suit your website perfectly. With the help of this responsive navbar script, any website can get simple and powerful navigation in no time. Moreover, this script introduces a variety of extra functionality that every modern website requires.

To function properly, this script requires jQuery 1.11+ and jQuery Easing 1.1+. Its configuration procedure is pretty simple. Yet if you have any questions, you can always consult the detailed documentation of Zemez navbar script. Moreover, don't hesitate to reach our 24/7 support team for any additional consultations. We are always glad to deliver the best user experience to our clients.

Please note that .psd files are not included in this template package.

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