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Adv Image https://s3.tmimgcdn.com/templates/59691/scr/1519369-1603724997561_Horsieside.png
Author user id 1519369
Bootstrap Version 4.0.x
Compatible with WPML, MailChimp, Ecwid
Documentation link wordpress/projects/horsieside/index.html
Features Admin Panel, Events Calendar, Responsive, Retina Ready, Search Engine Friendly, Team Members, Dropdown Menu, Google map, Sample content, Advanced Theme Options, Performance Optimization, Gallery
Image description https://s.tmimgcdn.com/scr/64300/64356-responsive-layout.jpg
Image key features https://s3.tmimgcdn.com/templates/59691/scr/1519369-1603724993729_Slice1.png, https://s3.tmimgcdn.com/templates/59691/scr/1519369-1603724993731_Slice2.png, https://s3.tmimgcdn.com/templates/59691/scr/1519369-1603724993732_Slice3.png, https://s3.tmimgcdn.com/templates/59691/scr/1519369-1603724993733_Slice4.png, https://s3.tmimgcdn.com/templates/59691/scr/1519369-1603724993735_Slice5.png, https://s3.tmimgcdn.com/templates/59691/scr/1519369-1603724993736_Slice6.png, https://s3.tmimgcdn.com/templates/59691/scr/1519369-1603724993737_Slice7.png
Images included Yes
Is Free none
Kind of shops horse, horses, pony, equestrian, equestrian center, equestrian club, horse riding, horse training, riding lessons, horseback riding lessons, entertainment, and animals & pets websites.
Language support English
Marketplace membership One
Name of the template Horsieside - Equestrian Center Responsive WordPress Theme
Product Family None
Review average score 5
Tags animals, equestrian, horse, horseback, pets, riding
Template hosting requirements The mod_rewrite Apache module, PHP 5.4 or higher, MySQL 5.5 or higher, 50 MB of disk space, Memory limit per process: 64mb (128mb or more recommended)
Template icon icon-wordpress
Topic Animals & Pets, Animal Shelter Templates, Horse Templates, Event Planner Templates, Entertainment Templates, Entertainment, Games & Nightlife
Types WordPress Themes
Web Forms Contact Form, Login Form, Newsletter Subscription, User Registration, Search Form
Word Press Builder Elementor Website Builder
Wordpress compatibility 5.0-5.6.x
Wordpress engine 5.5.x
Wp&woo 1

Need the best theme for taking your horse club online? Try Horsieside WordPress theme with its fully responsive design and fully editable nature. A professional-looking About page allows you to present your equestrian center in little things by presenting your history, specialty, club's board, and clients' feedback. A wide range of static and dynamic elements such as blurb, accordion, countdown timer, circle counter, carousel module, posts module, and more will help you to spice up your horse website with multiple types of content, meanwhile, a bright variety of additional pages allows you to tell all the details about your club for enhancing the audience. Multiple social options will help you to spread a word about your horse riding club, while a neat newsletter subscription will help your audience to be up-to-date with all fresh news and upcoming events. Moreover, this equestrian WordPress theme is pre-loaded with a Power Page builder, that allows you to enjoy a codeless website building and a WordPress Live Customizer, that provides you with simple customization process in a real-time mode. This equestrian WordPress theme is perfect for building a powerful horse training club website!This is Horse WordPress template with Events Calendar functionality

What is it?

Events Calendar is a wordpress plugin used to schedule and handle occasions on the site.

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By using a free Event calendar, you can display the dates and the information about the future event. Meanwhile, premium plugin lets you enable appointment booking, tickets purchasing, and integration with Google calendar. In addition, you can customize the look of the calendar, integrate it with e-commerce tools, and allow bookings.

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This Pet Boarding WordPress theme is Search Engine Friendly

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By using it, it is possible to attract lots of targeted customers to the web page from search engines.

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This Entertainment WordPress design theme is Responsive

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Cellular phones generate 80percentage of universal Internet usage. It's vital to create your internet site responsive unless you wish to lose your own customers.

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This is a Parallax Games WordPress theme

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This is a Bootstrap 4 Pet Animals Wordpress design template

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Bootstrap 4 contains a number of new capabilities which make the building of mobile-ready pages less difficult.

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This No Kill Animal Shelter WordPress design is WPML ready

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This is Nightlife WordPress theme with Sample Data Installer

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