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OTO Clinic - ENT Specialist WordPress Theme

The market for medical services is actively growing. And the one who can offer the client "more" wins - not only a high-quality service, but also the experience of receiving it. However, many clinics today continue to work according to old templates, using only outdoor advertising and feedback from their customers.

If a person experiences pain or other physical discomfort, he wants to get rid of it as soon as possible. It is proven that 80% of users today use the Internet to find the information that they need. You can easily use this. The ENT specialist WordPress theme will allow you to create and launch your modern website in the shortest possible time, which will work to promote your brand and attract new customers.

Most people do not trust state medicine, believing that in private clinics they will be served faster, better and without a queue. Promotion on the Internet is a modern method that easily falls into the target audience, working wealthy people from twenty to fifty, who are active users of the network. You can even do without a programmer and make the site yourself, in this will help ENT specialist WordPress theme. This is a stylish modern theme that can be used for the site of any medical topic: ent clinic, hospital, children's health center and others. You easily customize and adapt it to your needs, and the content of the site will be very easy for everyone.

Multi-functional ENT specialist WordPress theme for hospitals and clinics

It is easy to guess from the name that we are talking about an ent clinic. We offer a beautiful understandable demo with noted advantages, you can take advantage of the ready Wordpress template for the medical center. All scripts and settings are adapted to the specifics of your activity, you only need to finalize it a little.

On the basis of a ready and pleasant adaptive design, it is easy to make an attractive advertising resource. You will find many settings here to accommodate the portfolio.

The template is very functional. You get:

  • setting to several clicks;
  • visual editor;
  • SEO optimization.

A medical template will help you make your project stylish and convenient, it is really necessary for your effective work.

A medical template will help you make your project stylish and convenient, it is really necessary for your effective work. The adaptive template is suitable for healthcare and industry projects and organizations in the medical field. It has special features for content management (easy to change fonts, color and background, use a slider), a large set of topics that will help to customize the website, this version looks correct on tablets and smartphone screens.

Even if you do not view the site as a tool for attracting new customers, it will become a serious tool for confirming recommendations. Studies show: first, the patient receives a recommendation to the clinic and/or a specific doctor, but then he already goes to the Internet, searches for the site, looks at the clinic, the doctor, and only then calls and makes an appointment. But at the same time, in his submissions, he received information precisely through the Internet.

Customers take the choice of clinic much more seriously than the selection of other products on the Internet. This distinguishes medical marketing from promotion in other niches. The relationship between the hospital and the patient is much more complicated than between the seller and the buyer. It is necessary to create a medical site to provide the most complete information about doctors, services, equipment. This is the only way to gain the client's trust.

On the main page of the site there are blocks for posting information about doctors, certificates, customer reviews, and numerous buttons for recording an appointment. Some sections have a parallax background. You can also use the template as a landing - it really has simple settings and a clear structure.

An important feature: we did everything to make the pages of your site quickly download. Believe me, this is really important: you can not only quickly fill the site or edit information, but also your visitors will enjoy a lot of interaction with such a resource.

The website of any medical institution must contain the following information:

  • Official name, legal address of the hospital;
  • Licenses and certificates confirming the right to offer medical services;
  • List of rights, duties of patients;
  • Information about specialists, their accreditation, experience, work schedule;
  • Full list of services, prices;
  • Hospital contact details, including feedback form;
  • Version for visually impaired.

The topic has already developed a basic structure that you can use almost unchanged. It is designed so that any information on the site can be quickly found. In addition, quick navigation and convenient search will help you to search for information. Add a price list with drop-down topics, information about possible additional material costs, or special procedures. So the patient will be able to calculate the exact cost of his visit.

Add a description of the equipment, photos of real procedures using it. Emphasize the quality, modernity of devices. This will increase the image of the clinic in the eyes of the patient.

An expert blog is important for the page to be useful, inspiring confidence. After reading a medical article written by a doctor, the user will have more reason to choose this particular specialist. Such a blog is also important for SEO promotion of the medical clinic site.

Beautiful ENT specialist WordPress theme for your site

A ENT specialist WordPress theme for the clinic site, using animation and a large number of thematic icons. The main colors of the design are white, several shades of blue, dark blue. Demo sections include blog, list of services, portfolio for photo "before-after." A drop-down mega menu with a background from pictures is available.

Such a site will definitely cause the trust of your customers. Make sure that the design of the site exactly matches the interior of your clinic. This calms visitors, causes loyalty and eliminates anxiety.

A concise template with the wide possibility of adding one of the best selling elements - social evidence. Reviews can be reposted directly from customers' social networks.

All elements of the topic are elaborated in detail. It is adaptive to work on any device, and also "understandable" to search engines. The theme is enough to download, install on hosting and use, attracting customers. The proposed finished theme does not require a long setup. Simply put your text and images in a visually understandable editor. Download to use it today!

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