Шаблон сайта Santa Gift – Stencil Multi-Purpose Responsive BigCommerce Theme №121661, тема Напитки и еда



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Adv Image https://s3.tmimgcdn.com/templates/182250/scr/2348517-1606907422491_promotional-image.jpg
Author user id 2348517
Exclude Exclusive Yes
Features Ajax, Bootstrap, Mobile Layout Included, Responsive, eCommerce
Image key features https://s3.tmimgcdn.com/templates/212612/scr/2348517-1607693407013_presentational-images-01.jpg
Images included Yes
Is Free none
Marketplace membership None
Name of the template Santa Gift – Stencil Multi-Purpose Responsive BigCommerce Theme
Preview screens or video UR Ls https://s3.tmimgcdn.com/templates/182250/scr/2348517-1606907476806_slider-images-01.jpg, https://s3.tmimgcdn.com/templates/182250/scr/2348517-1606907484904_01.jpg, https://s3.tmimgcdn.com/templates/182250/scr/2348517-1606907487393_02.jpg, https://s3.tmimgcdn.com/templates/182250/scr/2348517-1606907489109_03.jpg, https://s3.tmimgcdn.com/templates/182250/scr/2348517-1606907491060_04.jpg, https://s3.tmimgcdn.com/templates/182250/scr/2348517-1606907493552_05.jpg, https://s3.tmimgcdn.com/templates/182250/scr/2348517-1606907495505_06.jpg, https://s3.tmimgcdn.com/templates/182250/scr/2348517-1606907497489_07.jpg
Product Family None
Tags accessories, art, ceramic, chairs, decor, fashion, foods, furniture, gifts, grocery, home, kids, kitchen, medicine, modern, santa, sports, toys, wood
Template icon icon-bigcommerce
Topic Animals & Pets, Pet Shop Templates, Food Store Templates, Food & Drink Templates, Gifts Templates, Food & Restaurant, Holidays, Gifts & Flowers
Types BigCommerce Themes

3+ Multi purpose Styles

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Valid XHTML and CSS markup

One click install

Product Slider.

Easy Use and Easy Customize

Fully Responsive


Mega Navigation

Responsive Design

Mobile Friendly

Multi-Tiered Sidebar Menu

Masonry Design

FrontPage Slideshow

Quick Add-to-Cart

Switchable Grid/List/Short Product View

Product Comparison Table

Complex Search Filtering

Customizable Product Selector

Cart Suggested Products

Free Customer Support

Free Theme Upgrades

High Res Product Images

Product Filtering

Advanced Quick View

Product Showcase

Persistent Cart

One Page Check Out

Product Videos

Customized Check Out

Google Analytics Enhanced E commerce

Storefront CSRF Protection

Saved Payment Methods PayPal Support

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