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Шаблоны лендингов

Лендинг (посадочная страница) – сайт состоящий из одной странички. Он идеально подходит для рекламы отдельного продукта или конкретной услуги.

Внимание! Шаблоны лендингов не имеют систему управления сайтом (CMS), поэтому редактирование текстов, замена изображений производится через исходные файлы шаблона. Для того, чтобы управлять и редактировать контент странички через CMS необходимо установить шаблон на любую CMS.

У всех шаблонов исходные файлы редактируются, т.е можно персонализировать дизайн шаблона.

Стандартно шаблон включает в себя следующий перечень исходных файлов: .PSD, .HTML.

Adv Image https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/1519369-1604069964111_Financial%20adviser%20promo.jpg
Author user id 1519369
Bootstrap Version 4.1.x
Features Bootstrap, Premium, Pro, Responsive, Search Engine Friendly, One Page Templates, HTML 5, JQuery, HTML plus JS
Gallery Script Accordion, Carousel, Grid
Image key features https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/1519369-1604069927250_Slice%201.jpg, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/1519369-1604069927251_Slice%202.jpg(https://www.templatemonster.com/landing-page-template/all-in-one-landing-page-lintense/), https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/1519369-1604069927252_Slice%203.jpg, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/1519369-1604069927254_Slice%204.jpg, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/1519369-1604069927254_Slice%205.jpg, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/1519369-1604069927254_Slice%206.jpg, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/1519369-1604069927255_Slice%207.jpg, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/1519369-1604069927255_Slice%208.jpg, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/1519369-1604069927256_Slice%209.jpg
Images included Yes
Is Free none
Marketplace membership One
Name of the template Lintense Financial Advisor - Business HTML Landing Page Template
Preview screens or video UR Ls https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/1519369-1604069908740_slide%201.jpg, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/1519369-1604069910897_slide%202.jpg, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/1519369-1604069911693_slide%203.jpg, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/1519369-1604069914532_slide%204.jpg, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/1519369-1604069915620_slide%205.jpg
Product Family None
Tags advisory, agencies, agency, banking, banks, experts, fin, finances, invest, payment, planning, private, specialist, teller, one page, single page, financial services, financial panner, financial consultant, financial landing page
Template icon icon-landing
Topic Investment Company Templates, Financial Advisor Templates, Accounting Website Templates, Real Estate Templates, Insurance Templates, Bank Templates, Mortgage Templates, Merchant Services Templates, Business & Services, Loans, Credit and Collection, Finance
Types Landing Page Templates
Web Forms Newsletter Subscription, Search Form

Flexible Financial Advisor Landing Page Template

A financial advisor landing page template is a useful website building solution. These days all consulting companies rely on their websites. Whether it's a CMS or a static site, it can be used for advertising. Moreover, such a website needs to have a memorable design. Besides, it's necessary for a site to have rich functionality. For that reason, business owners hire web developers. But this option requires huge time & money investments.

Still, not all businesses can afford it. Most of the medium and small consulting firms use ready-made templates to create a noticeable website. Such solutions are also affordable and easy to work with. If you are a financial advisor running a consulting company, then we know how to help you. Our new Lintense HTML landing page template is a great pick for business consultants. It helps in creating an attractive online presence.

HTML Landing Page Loaded with Features

The Lintense financial advisor landing page template has a corporate and minimalistic design. It attracts attention to the key aspects of your company. Thanks to Bootstrap 4, this landing page is highly responsive and easy-to-maintain. Our solution is also a part of the Lintense template family. It includes a variety of landing pages covering different topics. But what's more important, it's really affordable. You can buy all Lintense templates as a single package for $19. It also includes this financial advisor landing page. The latter also offers multiple features, such as:

  1. SCSS & Pug source files;
  2. W3C valid coding;
  3. SEO-ready & responsive layout;
  4. Cross-browser support;
  5. Google Fonts & CSS3 transitions.

Lintense is built of numerous blocks and sections. Their variety allows users and web developers to craft the website they need. From describing consulting services to giving more information about your team, there's a lot Lintense can offer. Its detailed and responsive flexbox grid layout can include a vast amount of content. With our financial advisor landing page template, you can also share testimonials and FAQs.

Customizable HTML Landing Page for Consulting

Besides offering all the abovementioned benefits, Lintense also provides, a wide range of built-in elements. They are designed to increase the quality of UX. From counters to working forms and sliders, our financial advisor landing page template includes a wide set of elements and plugins. If you aim to create a unique website for your consulting agency, you can rearrange various blocks and elements easily.

In case you are looking for more details about Lintense, don't hesitate to read its documentation. It includes simple instructions on how to use this landing page properly. Also, it will help you to get started with setting up and customizing this HTML5 solution. But if you happen to have any additional questions, our friendly and qualified support agents will be happy to help. We hope that Lintense will help you establish a website for your business needs.

Please note that .psd files are not included in this template package.

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