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Author user id 2109041
Features Mobile Layout Included, Responsive, Team Members, Drag and Drop Content
Image key features https://s3.tmimgcdn.com/templates/89466/scr/2109041-1597211733889_banner-980.jpg
Is Free none
Name of the template Extreme Addons for Elementor Simple Widgets WordPress Plugin
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Tags team, elementor addon, elementor addons, elementor blog, elementor elements, elementor forms, elementor gallery, elementor plugin, elementor portfolio, elementor review, elementor templates, promo box, image hover box, hover box
Template icon icon-wordpress
Topic Design, Design & Photography, Business & Services
Types WordPress Plugins
Word Press Builder Elementor Website Builder
Wordpress compatibility 4.4.x, 4.8.x, 4.9.x, 5.0-5.6.x, 5.1.x, 5.2.x
Wordpress engine 5.4.x

Extreme Addons for Elementor Simple widgets

Advanced and easy to use Elementor widgets that will bring your website to the next level. Highly robust Elementor widgets that make your website a unique one.

Widgets List:

  1. Image Hover Box - Create beautiful image boxes with eye-catching hover effects and add essential images, colors, and texts and requires features with the help of Image Hover Box widget.
  2. Card - Use Card widget to exhibit your products photos, prices and description with lovely combination of texts, links, badge and button.
  3. Promo Box - Promo Box is so useful to set a big discount offer for a particular product. You can use different titles, photos, discount offers, descriptions, and buttons for a product in your Promo Box.
  4. Review - Use widget for Beaver builder to display reviews on your business website to build consumer trust.
  5. Team - If you have a Team then the Team widget is the best way to introduce your team members with the style of using icons, texts, social links, and respective features.
  6. Icon Cap - Give your website a dynamic feature by using Icon Cap that contains lots of option to add like icons, title and badge.
  7. Animate Heading - Animation Heading for Advance Text

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